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Here are resources external to the University of Arkansas System that include basic information about drought and long-term climate projections from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Drought Mitigation Center.

Find your local FSA office for information about drought disaster assistance. 

Drought basics – FAQ and link to
Severity and Impact (Drought Monitor) ;
U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook
Drought Calculator
National Drought Mitigation Center
Drought Impact Reporter   Interactive web-based mapping tool for compiling and displaying impact information across the United States in near real-time.  Data compiled from a variety of sources such as media, government agencies, and the public.
National Integrated Drought Information System:
Wildfire information from eXtension
Drought management (Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in OK, link to PDF and webinars)
Arkansas Water Sustainability:
Central Arkansas Water:
Outdoor Water Efficiency Tips:
WaterSense – Environmental Protection Agency:
Water Use It Wisely:
40-Gallon Challenge:
Arkansas Forestry Commission This site also includes information on burn bans, wildfire danger and prescribed burns.
Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN)’s drought page:

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