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Information for helping Arkansas livestock producers, hobbyists and pet owners ensure their animals survive the drought. Below are downloadable fact sheets for beef, dairy operations:

Hay resources
Feeding Broiler Litter to Cattle, publication FSA 3016
Water for Beef Cattle, publication  FSA 3021
Nitrate Poisoning in Cattle, publication FSA 3024
Common Arkansas Plants Poisonous to Cattle, publication FSA 3025
Substituting Grain for Hay in Winter Rations for Beef Cattle, publication FSA 3036
Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle, publication FSA 3041
Composition of Some Livestock Feeds, publication FSA 3043
Alternative Feeds for Beef Cattle, publication FSA 3047,
Tough Decisions for Roughage
Nutritional Disorders in Beef Cattle, publication FSA 3071
Beef Cattle Herd Vaccination Schedule, publication FSA 3009

Drought Issues
Stretching Your Hay with Crop-Residues and By-Products
Using Cool Season Annuals to Shorten Your Hay Feeding Season
Winter Feeding Options When Pastures are Short

Videos and Podcasts
Tax implications of selling your herd (Presentation by Russellville accountant Kent Dollar)
Nutritional Management for Drought Stricken Herds
Making Farm Resilient to Drought
Effective Tunnel Cooling (poultry)

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