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After the ice storm

December 5, 2013
Winter damaged tree.

Winter damaged tree.

LITTLE ROCK – With the potential for a significant layer of ice this weekend, homeowners need to be examining their properties carefully to help prevent damage from falling trees or limbs, said Tamara Walkingstick, associate director of the Arkansas Forest Research Center and an extension forester for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.

The state’s major snowstorm last Christmas may also have caused hidden damage, bending or breaking the wood fiber under the bark, but not enough to prevent the branch from continuing to grow.

“The damage is still there and the extra weight of ice or snow can cause the total failure of the branch,” she said. “One way to tell is see if the branch is it bending more than it should, or if it appears to be pointing more toward the ground than other branches.

“If one of these branches is over someone’s home and it’s small enough for them to prune or remove safely, the homeowner might consider doing so to halt the chance of any damage,” Walkingstick said. READ MORE


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