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What’s ahead?

November 13, 2012

Last week, we saw that the last vestige of exceptional drought disappeared from the Arkansas map.  That’s good news indeed.   But with all the recent rains, most people seem to assume that we are no longer in a drought.  Yet, a look at the drought map shows us that even though we are heading in the right direction, most of the state (about 80%) is still experiencing drought conditions.    The National Weather Service tells us that because of the weak El Nino, it is very difficult to predict what might happen in the spring.    Fortunately though, we are headed into a time of the year when cold and warm air masses collide frequently.  That could produce a substantial amount of moisture.  Nonetheless, the NWS also warns that “It will take several big rain events to erase precipitation deficits in the north/west.  There may not be enough water to end the drought completely.”   READ MORE …

Image courtesy of the National Weather Service


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