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October 10, 2012

Arkansas Livestock

Paul Beck, Professor – Animal Science


If you, like many of your neighbors, have decided to plant winter annuals (annual ryegrass and/or small grains like oats, rye or wheat) this fall for grazing through the winter and possible hay or silage next spring, then you need to use management practices that will maximize the return on this investment. Successful establishment is only a piece of the puzzle; soil fertility, grazing management and livestock management have as much (or more) influence on productivity as planting date, establishment method or variety selection.


Soil fertility is a primary key to forage yield for this production system. We recommend that soil phosphorus and potassium deficiencies are met either with poultry litter or commercial fertilizer at establishment and that at least 50 pounds of actual nitrogen per acre (150 pounds of ammonium nitrate or 110 pounds of urea per acre) be applied to…

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