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Is Issac a silver bullet?

August 28, 2012

Image courtesy of National Climatic Data Center

You’ve heard it all summer.  People have been saying that all we need to end the drought in Arkansas is a good hurricane in the Gulf.  Right now, Issac is threatening the northern Gulf coast and is expected to come onshore somewhere around New Orleans as a Category 1 hurricane.  Predictions are that Issac will continue up through Arkansas as a tropical depression.  Sounds like what we need?  Maybe.  We can certainly use the rain and Issac may dump about 5 inches of rain on some parts of the state.  However, the National Weather Service tells us that the southern part of the state (below I-40) needs close to 12 inches of rain to end the drought.  Northern Arkansas needs 15 inches or more.  Moreover, most of the rain is currently predicted to fall east of Little Rock where growers are concerned about impacts on harvests.

For more information on the possible impacts on Arkansas agriculture. see the related story at:


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